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PRODIGI Document Management System Reduces Cost and Improves Productivity


Here’s some of the usual business problems managers and workers ask our PRODIGI to solve:


·I’m Stumped? "Every version of this contract is different: which is the most recent version? Who was working on it   last?"

·Look high and low! "I can find anything on Google but I can't find the proposal I wrote last month - we need search!"



·Alerts will be good! "I need a system that sends me a reminder and gives me access to contracts up for renewal.


.I need some privacy, too! "Everyone has access to my files. I want to restrict documents to only people I want to see them?"

·To keep or not to keep? "How do we stay in compliance with rules regarding record retention?"

·Duplicity Issues Plagues Me! "Each branch office has their own files on the entire same topic - needless duplication!"


If you have asked yourself any of the question above it means you are ready to take on a Document Management System, it’s time you call us at 03-5121 5117 or email to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it and or meet up with us so that we may consult you on how the take the first step towards the perfect way to start your journey to the "Paperless Office".