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Hot Off the Press: TOS Version 8.4 Presents Brand New Features

Software Village Malaysia is pleased to announce the release of our new TOS CRM Version 8.4.

We've been waiting with abated breath for this release, why?

Because this version contains some brand new features that both appeals to the user and makes it even more multi-faceted. We are sure  our users will get a kick out of using them, for those who are just plain curious on what's new, here's a list with some brief explanation  so that you get the picture.

What's New :

1) Watch out for a brand new Screen layout for Expenditure and Travelling Claims Screen.


2) Now you don't have to personally generate your own Expenditure Claims, if you do not have the time to spare, just get Manager or Supervisor do churn out the report on your behalf. This eliminates late submission of your claims and you get your reimbursement on time, and everyone including the Accounts department is happy.



4) Transfer Contact Screen will not refresh automatically to the first record every time you transfer in new contact instead it highlight on the last record that you selected, allowing you easier and faster viewing and updating will be a breeze.

5) Previously Sales Order Record Navigation allows the user to navigate using the arrow button to go to "next" or "previous", now the user can directly key in the record number and navigate from there.


6) Generate Weekly Appointment schedule can now print out the Contact Person's name for easy reference and with the right security access, you can now even print on behalf of your subordinate. This allows the subordinate more freedom on the field and yet information is relayed to the Manager and the office in a timely manner, this way everyone is always in the loop!

Now you are thinking "wow" that's a whole bunch of value-added features, well we persevere so that you will always think " TOS CRM has the "wow" factor" and we are happy to this for you time and time again!

If you want to get the whole picture about TOS CRM and how it can work wonders into your  organization, what are you waiting for, sign up now for our TOS CRM solution : it's affordable, it's user-friendly and what's more it's truly an all in one CRM tool! For more explanation, call our Customer Service hotline at03-51215117 or send us an email to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it