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MSC Status

We are proud to announce that Software Village Malaysia is now a MSC Malaysia Status company, awarded by Multimedia Development Corporation (MDeC).

The award of MSC Status cements Software Village’s commitment in the development of  innovative softwares into its business solutions portfolio, which includes its Technology Oriented Sales (TOS) CRM solution and PRODIGI, its Document Digitization solution.  


Ganes Kumar  “It’s great to see the Malaysian Government continue to support the development of Information Technology and their effort in thrusting the growth of IT skills and knowledge into the next level.  We’re very proud to be part of that process and we would be a huge boost for us to further grow our business together with the MSC,” says CEO Ganes Kumar Narayanan.

“The award of MSC Status will allow us to play a more active role in making our innovative solutions available to companies in Malaysia and beyond. We hope that it will propel us to greater heights in making Malaysia a force to be reckoned with in the global IT community. We are working very much in line with the Government’s vision to inculcate IT into businesses be it small, medium or large in our country,” Ganes adds.

MSC Malaysia is Malaysia’s most exciting initiative for growth of global information and communication technology (ICT) industry.
Conceptualized in 1996, the MSC Malaysia has since grown into a thriving dynamic ICT hub, hosting more than 900 multinationals, foreign-owned and home-grown Malaysian companies focused on multimedia and communications products, solutions, services and; research and development.
Software Village will base its technology work from within the MSC hub which will provide support for its other activities especially those in the design, research and development and engineering of their own homegrown solutions from their software laboratory.
The award of MSC Status has allowed Software Village access to other technology leaders and discussions have already taken place with leading MSC organizations to develop further business links in the local IT industry.
For Software Village the award of the MSC Malaysia Status will mark be the beginning of a world-class solution provider in the making and provide the right platform towards becoming a thriving and dynamic ICT solution provider for the region.

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