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Our proudest moment was when TOS (Technology Oriented Sales) our CRM and Salesforce Solution and PRODIGI our Professional Digitization and Document Management Solution was created in our very own design laboratory- Malaysia SME, 20 November 2010

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Software Village CEO, Ganes Kumar Narayanan reviews the new Nissan Teana for Tan Chong Motors- Malaysia SME, 23 April 2011

TOS adalah perisian berkaitan pengurusan perhubungan pelanggan (CRM) yang membantu firma serta perusahaan kecil dan sederhana (PKS) menguruskan keperluan jualan, pemasaran dan pungutan bill- Berita Harian, 11 Januari 2008

Says Ganes, "Our solutions are built on an effective mix of local corporate contributors and will give our clients the competitive advantage needed in today's rapidly , changing busimess environment"- New Straits Times 3 December 2007
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Local information and communications technology (ICT) solutions provider, Software Village Malaysia aims to make inroads into the small and medium sized enterprise (SME) segment- New Straits Times 19 November 2007
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Software Village offers multimedia services which include professional portal or website design and development to SMBs- The Star, 18 October 2007


Software Village Malaysia a homegrown software developer aims to increase its sales by up to 20% a year by expanding their businesses overseas- Business Times 23 November 2007


The software engineering company has put in all-in-one document management solution (DMS) into Prodigi, which provides storage, versioning, metadata, security, indexing and retrieval capabilities.- The Star 13 July 2010





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By going into CRM and EDMS, Software Village has put itself in the reckoning with global brand names that drive the market for these solutions- Malaysian Business April 2008

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Says Ganes,  "One of the best selling points of Software Village Malaysia is that our software solutions offers great value propositions to our clients simply because its locally developed in our very own software laboratory"- Business Today August 2008





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