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Software Village™, is a leading software engineering company in Malaysia, is headquartered in Shah Alam. Our company’s philosophy is to Develop the Future and we are known for anticipating and responding rapidly to our customer’s present and future needs. Software Village is a software development laboratory; and we develop our own software solutions along with applications and management solutions, as well as support, training, and consulting services to customers. 

Software Village™ was founded by Ganes Kumar Narayanan in 2004. His vision for Software Village™ was to ensure that ICT is accessible to all business owners be it small or big and designing his own solutions to tailor to this ever growing need. Software Village™ is a 100% local MSC status company with its very own homegrown software and multimedia solutions.

Today, Software Village™ is a full fledged software and solutions engineering company that develops and delivers innovative software solutions, which is positioned to take advantage of the emerging market opportunities for the use of multimedia software and solutions applications. 
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Software Village™  is well positioned to become a regional market leader in both software engineering and multimedia software solutions because the company has the leverage in its knowledge and expertise in multimedia designs, automated and cutting-edge graphics technologies as well as the most compelling and easy to use software solutions with their award winning PRODIGI (Enterprise Documentation Management System and Professional Digitization system) and their CRM and Sales force Management Solution called TOS (Technology Oriented Sales).
Software Village™ HQ also have offices in Cyberjaya and Kuala Lumpur.

Fuelled by the vision its CEO Ganes Kumar Narayanan, Software Village™, today stands as a testimony that a dream can be a reality with the right amount of commitment, ambition and of course diversity. Committed to offering innovative and cutting edge multimedia and software engineering technology, Software Village™ is positioned to become one of Malaysia’s most prominent software development and engineering company. 

Software Village™ is looking towards expanding their businesses into the Asia Pacific market namely countries like Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam and the Middle East.


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